Growth Coach Franchise, The

Growth Coach Franchise, The

Who We Are
Growth Coach® is the only pure business coaching franchise system located throughout North America with the single purpose of helping to drive the success and balance the lives of business owners. Our goal is to help our clients gain greater focus and leverage so they can work less, earn more, and enjoy richer lives. Our clients include small business owners, franchisees, self-employed professionals, high-end sales and financial services professionals, and managers from businesses of all size. Each of our business coaches is certified in our proprietary, proven and guaranteed coaching & accountability process called, The Strategic Mindset®.

The Growth Coach mission is to help improve North America one community at a time. And we do that by helping business owners discover for themselves better ways to manage their businesses and lives. After all, for a business to improve, the owner must improve. As we help owners to define and create better futures for themselves, other people in the community are enriched as well – their employees and their families, customers, suppliers and vendors. The positive ripple effect in a community is immense and gratifying for our coaches. We achieve this mission by offering our clients an affordable, accessible, and money-back guaranteed coaching process.

All our client solutions are driven by a unique, strategic-focusing process – a proven, systematic, and structured method for clients to think, plan, monitor and achieve greater results in their businesses and lives. In the end, our clients have greater clarity about where they want to go, possess a strategic and focused plan to get there, and receive on-going accountability to make critical adjustments and stay on track.

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