Guard-A-Kid Franchise Opportunity
Guard-A-Kid Franchise Opportunity

About Guard-A-Kid
Law enforcement officials urge parents everywhere to keep an updated picture, all 10-fingerprints and critical information about their child at their fingertips. They believe that access to photo, fingerprints and other critical information in the first 30 minutes after the child is reported missing can play a critical role in the quick and safe recovery of the child.

Guard-A-Kidâ„¢ has developed a convenient, yet advanced method to aid parents throughout the United States. In order to develop a system that provides parents with an easy solution to this issue, we considered the following points:

1. We knew that the system had to provide the parents with a physical I.D for their child that could be carried in their wallet.

2. We knew that it is not feasible to fit complete critical information about the child such as “Doctor’s name and phone number”, “Dentist name and phone number”, “10-finger-prints”, etc. on the small wallet-size card. So therefore, we knew we had to provide the parents with a larger full page ID of their child that would be filed safely at home.

3. We knew that the information must be delivered to the parents in both digital and printed format. Printed critical information about the child is not easily and quickly transferable to other law enforcement agencies in those critical first 30 minutes. However, digital images of the fingerprints, the photo and the critical information can be emailed to other law enforcement agencies within seconds. Therefore, we knew we had to provide parents with a CDROM that containing their child’s complete information.

4. We knew that in order to speed up the process for the police, it would be advantageous to format the digital information on the CDROM in a way that is best suited for their system.

5. We knew that an important issue for parents was the fact that the information about each child is private and should not be stored in any database. In fact the information from a child must be deleted from our system, after the information is delivered to parents. Since parents are usually first to know about a missing child, having this information on hand would be their quickest alternative.

6. We also knew that most parents need to be trained and educated about child safety. Therefore we knew that our child ID kit had to include literature about child abductions and child safety.

How much does it cost to purchase a franchise?
The franchise fee includes all of the hardware, software, marketing materials, display items, tech support, training and everything else that you need to start your home-based business. The total cost including the franchise fee is $19,900. We also include enough Child ID Kits to process your first 100 kids.

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