Handyman Matters Franchising
Handyman Matters Franchising

Our Story
From small beginnings to industry leadership, Handyman Matters remains focused on it's founding principles, embraces their customers as "customers for life", and continually challenges itself to improve system-wide services and processes.

Humble Beginnings
In 1998, Handyman Matters was brought to life by Andy Bell, a refugee from the restaurant industry seeking balance in his life, the ability to help solve people's home repair problems, and the desire to develop and run his own business. To read more about how we got started, click here.

What Matters?
Our customers are forefront in our business and maintaining their confidence is a high priority. At Handyman Matters, a dress code and a confirmation phone call were among the requests customers had for their home repair service. To read more about what we think matters, click here.

Changing the Face
As a professional handyman business, Handyman Matters provides tremendous diversification in the services we offer our customers. To see a comprehensive list of our services, click here.

What Sets Us Apart?
Houses, when structurally sound, tend to last forever, but their integral parts wear out on a predictable basis. Every home requires constant upkeep and maintenance to retain its value in a crowded marketplace and to bring continuous safety and pleasure to the homeowner. To read more about our principles, click here.

Award Winning
Handyman Matters offers a system that allows you to begin operations immediately. We have been listed as one of the fastest growing franchising operations, and this system continues to bring us awards and recognition for our industry. To a list of our awards, click here.

Hear the Story
Hear from several Handyman Matters franchisees on their backgrounds and what interested them in purchasing a Handyman Matters franchise. To watch the video, click here.

Q. "How much is the franchise fee?"
A. Handyman Matters has three different franchise opportunities.
1. A "Single" Franchise that consists of a 125,000 household count territory and has a franchise fee of $30,000.
2. A "Double" Franchise that consists of a 250,000 household count territory and has a franchise fee of $55,000.
3. Additional households can be purchased for 20¢ each

Q. "How much does it cost to open a Handyman Matters franchise?"
A. The total investment required to open a Handyman Matters franchise ranges from $48,930 to $89,425, including all initial working capital, as well as a three month buffer if necessary before drawing a paycheck. Full disclosure and further details about the initial investment range are included in our Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC). Please reference Item #7.

Q. "Can I run my Handyman Matters business out of my home?"
A. YES. During the first two years some new Handyman Matters franchisees choose to start their business out of their own home and then move into a small office space later on. Keep in mind, we deliver our service at the customer’s home, not ours. After two years franchisees will migrate to a more conventional small business office space, as their number of Craftsmen and support staff increase.

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