Hawaii Institute of Hair Design

Hawaii Institute of Hair Design
71 South Hotel Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Hawaii Institute of Hair Design is a hairstyling school offering courses in barber/styling, men and women Hair Designs to newcomers and hairstylist from other countries who need to acquire a license and skill to work in today's market The school is located in the heart of downtown Honolulu in order to provide as many live patrons for student practice as possible. Through a personal tour of the school, one can observe the careful supervision and modern instruction given by the school faculty. Whether it's men's or women's hair designing, the profession is one with expanding opportunities.

There is increasing public interest in health and grooming and individualized styling in both men's and women's hair designs. This creates an increasing demand and opportunity for well-trained, versatile professionals who understand science and the art of our industry. Through advanced techniques, including the scientific use of instruments, progressive teaching methods, well-equipped facilities, and our qualified faculty, you will receive the proper foundation for an exciting career.

Our school has an excellent record of job placement among it's graduates. After training, students easily step into professional positions and many are successfully operating their own shops, in a field with a big future. Make that future your future through training and a diploma from the Hawaii Institute of Hair Design, the only school of its kind in Hawaii.

The school has trained, graduated and placed students for more than 50 years. The school managers use three generations of training experience and have developed a fast paced education program which prepares confident salon and shop - ready graduates. To graduate salon ready, students receive a lot of hands on practice which is available in the school's busy practical clinic. First established as Hawaii Barber School in 1942, the school was incorporated in 1956 as Honolulu Barber School, LTD., then renamed to do business as Hawaii Institute of Hair Design in 1976, offering courses in Barber Styling, Cosmetology and Advanced Hair Design. The school has been relocated several times and has been managed for more than 50 years by a family dedicated to the propagation of new workers for the industry.

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