Hemp Sisters' Affiliate Program
Hemp Sisters' Affiliate Program

Hemp Sisters & Earth Divas About Us
The Early Days
Hemp Sisters was started in 1996 by Cindy Shaffer, who was making some hemp jewelry with her daughter. Cindy and her daughter often made jewelry together, and they began to sell it locally in local shops. Cindy came up with the name as she and her daughter began to call themselves the "hemp sisters." Cindy's husband Dave built the first Hemp Sisters website, and over time, they added lots of different items made with hemp from all over the world. The website was really well designed, and the pictures of the products looked terrific, but it was very hard to maintain. Dave worked full time and Cindy was involved with lots of other activities, and it just became too much. In 2001, Dave and Cindy listed the website for sale, and Ed Edmundson bought the business and the inventory. I'm Ed, and I've been working with Hemp Sisters ever since. Hemp Sisters has evolved a great deal over the last few years. About two years ago, our little family moved from just outside Philadelphia to New York City. My wife works full time in the hotel industry and offers me the opportunity to work full time on Hemp Sisters.

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Hemp Sisters
350 Wiconisco St.
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