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Hello Moms
Do you want to work from home?
FreelanceMom is a support network for women working from home. We can help you to locate freelance work from home jobs. Our warm and supportive community is rich with home business ideas and internet marketing strategies to support you and help you to make smart decisions from choosing your business to promoting it.

Thousands of women DO successfully run home businesses or have jobs they do from home. You can too! We look forward to having you join us as a colleague and friend.

Here are some home business ideas and tips on how to recognize and avoid work at home scams.

I was first inspired to create FreelanceMom back when I was searching for work from home myself. I understand the frustration of coming upon website after website with either a clearly bogus home business opportunity, or just a page filled with advertisements for other work at home websites and no real content, or a website that did claim to have the answers but you had to purchase them!

Let's face it, women looking for work from home often don't have the money to take a chance on memberships, or purchase materials for start up business opportunities, etc.

I wanted to provide a resource free to the Work at Home Mom (WAHM) community. I provide all the information you need here to help you find
your own work from home niche'.

What are some legitimate home business ideas?
I encourage women to start their own home businesses whenever possible. If you have computer skills or writing skills it makes sense to market yourself rather then buy into business opportunities that are being marketed to you. That isn't always true, but for myself I have found it to be lucrative and rewarding.

There are many companies that are strictly virtual these days. They don't have an office building, but their online presence requires an office staff. That is a niche that is growing and will continue to grow. It is known as Virtual Assistance.

I have a lot of information on becoming a Virtual Assistant throughout the website. I encourage all VA's to put together a business plan, and build a website for promotion. For an example you can look at my Virtual Assistant Website.

Even if you don't have computer skills, there must be something else that you are really passionate about. I genuinely feel that women are more successful in a home business that they dream up themselves and
make happen. I've known women who have successful home businesses in the fields of bookkeeping, daycare, dog grooming or pet sitting, hair
salons, errand businesses, scrapbooking, database design, public relations, website design, data entry and many more.

There are plenty of people out there who are running their own small businesses. People just like you and I.

How can I recognize a work at home scam?
There are a few rules of thumb that I go by to determine if a work from home opportunity is legitimate.

1. Does it seem too good to be true? If someone is promising a lot of money, for little work - or it seems flavored to be a 'get rich quick' scheme, count me out.

2. Do they require money for more 'information' about the opportunity. Or do they require a down payment for materials (such as the envelope stuffing schemes, and other build crafts at home schemes.)

3. Do thorough research on any home business opportunity you consider joining. There are some legitimate ones, Avon and Tupperware for example. But it takes a certain type of person to make these types of business opportunities work.
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