How to Avoid the Five Critical Mistakes eBay Business Owners Make

How to Avoid the Five Critical Mistakes eBay Business Owners Make

There are five critical points you need to consider when planning your eBay business. If youíre missing any one element, your business wonít perform anywhere near as well as it could. This is article is going to reveal the five most common mistakes when starting and running your eBay business.

1. Automate mundane business tasks. You need to work toward as much automation as possible. Otherwise, youíll be strapped to your eBay business the same as any other 9-5 job. Thatís not what you want. If you have the time consuming tasks of shipping, posting, ordering, etc. automated, youíre free to work on the business and not in the business. Working on the business is what grows it, while working in the business only maintains what you already have.

2. Find a niche. Many people make the mistake of selling anything and everything they can on eBay through only one user name. This is a mistake. You should have multiple user names- one for each specific niche youíre selling in. This way you can have perhaps five or ten user names all building feedback and credibility in their respective niches. Another advantage of niche marketing is that you can choose a username that goes with your niche.

3. Write effective titles and sales copy. This is a big one. You need to make every auction you post as compelling as it can be. The title should be very clear as to what youíre selling. Donít be misleading or confusing. If youíre selling new items in the box, be sure to put NIB in the title. The copy should be clear and easy to understand. Try to focus on the benefits of the product youíre offering instead of just the features. Utilizing sales copy tactics on eBay is just as important as on websites.

4. Find a back-end product. If someone is happy with what you sell him or her, theyíll likely be willing to buy from you again. The trouble is, lots of eBay business owners donít keep customer lists. This is a sin! You should collect all the info you can on your customers, then offer them products they are likely to be interested in. If someone buys a boat from you on eBay, you can then sell that person all the items theyíre likely to need to operate the boat. Waxes, polishes, covers, motor oil, replacement parts, etc.

5. Use search engines to your advantage. Getting search engines to recognize your eBay stores is very important. Once the bots figure out youíre relevant to peoplesí needs theyíll start placing you higher up in the search results. Search engine optimization is a whole subject unto itself, which you should learn about to optimize your eBay business.

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