How to Become a Bridal Consultant

How to Become a Bridal Consultant
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Note: The difference between a Bridal Consultant and a Wedding Planner is:

Bridal Consultant: A Bridal Consultant gives the Bride guidance through major decisions such as style, budget, vendor referrals, etiquette, and offers general recommendations.

Wedding Planner: A Wedding Planner will do the same as Bridal Consultant above, but will also assist the Bride and Groom in every aspect of the Wedding details... which usually includes consulting and coordinating. The Wedding Planner attends the Wedding Reception and makes sure the Wedding Service and the Wedding Reception runs smoothly.

The need for Bridal Consultants is huge right now. As long as people are getting married the need for the Bridal Consultant Business will remain big.

In order to become a Bridal Consultant you will have to be a patient and hard working person. Brides-To-Be are very demanding. Remember that they are about to plan the biggest day in their life up to this point, and they are asking that you help them plan their Wedding. Brides want to feel that they are your only Client and you will have to be able to treat them as they are your only Client.

A Bridal Consultant's Responsibilities Include:
* helping Bride to select Bridal Gown and accessories
* helping Bride choose Wedding Colors
* helping Bride select flowers

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