How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
By Rita Putatunda
Published: 11/22/2007

Entrepreneurship requires certain distinctive characteristics. Do you have it in you to be a successful entrepreneur? Check it out here.

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
Running a business is a challenging, creative and flexible way to chart one’s future and become one’s own boss. Apart from earning a living, it is about creating a new way of life. Becoming an entrepreneur takes foresight, determination and courage. You will be stepping out of the relatively safe environs of the salaried world, where you get regular paychecks, and venturing into the uncharted territory of the business world.

But, how can you know whether it would be better for you to be a salaried employee, or if you have it in you to be a successful entrepreneur? While there is no guaranteed formula for entrepreneurial success, according to studies it has been shown that there are certain characteristics that all successful entrepreneurs have in their persona. Check out these characteristics, given below, to see if entrepreneurship is what you need to opt for.

Having Self-Confidence: To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have tremendous self-belief. Do you really think that you have the willingness to overcome all obstacles and achieve your goals? If you lack that crucial element of confidence in your mental makeup, then entrepreneurship is not for you. Belief in yourself is what gives you the self-confidence you need to be a successful entrepreneur. If you have the self-belief that you can do it, that will give you all the confidence you need. Can you inculcate self-confidence in yourself? Yes, you can, by trying to push yourself to doing a little more than what you are comfortable doing each day. And before long, you will find yourself accomplishing things you would have never thought were possible. Bear in mind, that many successful entrepreneurs that you see, started out with nothing, or very little, apart from self-confidence and self-belief.

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