How to Get Your eBay Auctions Noticed

How to Get Your eBay Auctions Noticed

As more and more people turn to eBay for extra income, the need to stand out is becoming increasingly apparent. Itís very easy nowadays for your eBay auction to become lost amongst the hundreds of others and never get the attention it deserves. This is very frustrating to any would be eBay success. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to ensure that your eBay auctions will always stand out from the crowd.

1. Put a lot of time into crafting the title for the eBay auction. The title is critical for drawing in potential customers. A bad title can easily spell disaster for an auction, even if the rest of the listing is done well. A good title will be very specific and broadcast to people exactly what the product is. Donít be clever or cute. Thatís not the purpose of a title. Let people know what your offering and capture their attention. Thatís the goal of the title. Here are some power words that catch peopleís attention when used in the title: rare, like new, new, secret, best value, vintage, unique, best-selling, top-selling, love, free, hard-to-find, awesome, sexy, unbelievable, super deal, unusual, best on eBay.

2. Always include a gallery photo of your item. The gallery photo option eBay offers is a great way to get your listing noticed. Many more people are willing to look at a picture than click on an auction. Once they see your picture and are enticed theyíll click through to see more. Having a picture of your product in plain site will greatly increase the number of people clicking on your auction. This spells more bids and higher final prices!

3. Use subtitles under your title. Subtitles are a great way to add extra attention-grabbing benefits. Remember, the key is to get a personís attention. By adding compelling text in the form of a subtitle, you will greatly increase the attention-grabbing power of any auction. However, be sure that the item your selling is a high enough ticket item to warrant the extra cost. You wouldnít want to use a bunch of fancy and expensive features if youíre selling a $3 item. But the subtitle option eBay offers is very important for higher priced items.

* By using the above strategies, youíll be able to make your auction stand out from amongst the crowd. This will mean the difference between making a small supplemental income or a huge life-changing amount of money. Which do you want? Either can be yours with the help of eBay and a little marketing advice. Try these tactics on your listings as soon as you can and see the difference they make!
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