How to Sell Your Writing Services FAST series

How to Sell Your Writing Services FAST series
By Angela Booth
Angela Booth's Fab Freelance Writing Blog

Want to sell your writing services? You can make $10,000 and more every month when you have a plan of action. That plan starts with effective marketing.

In this series of articles, I’ll be giving you many tips to market and promote your writing services. I hope you enjoy the series, but most of all I hope you use the tips, and find them effective. Your first step should be to subscribe to Fab Freelance Writing Ezine; you get weekly writing tips to boost your writing career. For detailed help, check out my classes, ebooks and writing guides — they’ll help you to success in professional writing.

1. Professional Writing: Keys to Success
Want to make a professional income from your writing career? You can, if you realize that in today’s world, writing is a commodity, and a low-paid one at that. Discover how you can turn your writing into more than a commodity, so that you make upwards of $1 a word for everything you write.

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