How to Start A Desktop Publishing Business from Home

How to Start A Desktop Publishing Business from Home

What you will be doing. All businesses today need a way to let others know that they exist. This is where advertising comes in. Good advertisers can make any business appealing to the average consumer. As a desktop publisher, your job will be to make the advertising visions of a company a reality.

Desktop publishers have the skill to make flyers, ads, brochures, newsletters, and other printed materials for various clients. An understanding of graphic design allows them to combine eye catching graphics with persuasive writing. Corporate work includes producing color reports for meetings or printing in-house business manuals.

How to start. Skill with a computer will serve you well. Start with family, friends, and business contacts. Do some pro bono work for birthday parties, church functions, family gatherings, and neighborhood events. Let others get a chance to see your work. Be as professional as possible with every project, paid or not.

Start small and work your way up. Get in touch with small business firms in the area. Learn all that you can about their products and create a sample ad for each. This will show that you are serious about getting their business.

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