How to Start a Career in the Upholstery Business
How to Start a Career in the Upholstery Business
By Emma S.
November 15, 2005

Upholstering for a Living
When most people think of upholstery they think of furniture, but in reality, there are many different aspects to the upholstery business. There's marine upholstery - recovering boat interiors, automotive upholstery - repairing and recovering car and truck seats, commercial upholstery - replacing fabric on office chairs, and other upholstery jobs like replacing the green on pool tables.

Although furniture upholstery is the most common form of this type of work there is also a big demand for marine, automotive and commercial upholstery. The largest demand is in the furniture business whereas the highest paying is probably marine. Furniture upholstery is quite different than the other types of upholstery work. Often the work done is with soft fabrics and staples to secure the new coverings.

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