How to start an e-commerce business

How to start an e-commerce business
by Jeanine Marie

B2C and B2B E-business marketing has one similar goal, to determine who the customer is and why this customer would need the product or service being offered. They are both in business to make money, but marketing is very different when comparing a B2C marketing strategy plan with a B2B plan. Both types of businesses can use marketing strategies ranging from; public relations, direct marketing, Internet marketing, company sponsored events, trade shows and traditional advertising, but its businesses that align their strategies correctly and reach their target markets who reap the highest financial rewards. The following sections will compare both B2C marketing strategies with B2B and give specific examples in each section relating to E-Business marketing, as a whole.

B2C E-Business Marketing

B2C marketing strategies are based on the belief that shoppers will come onto the site, browse and buy. B2C site owners want to make the shopping experience for their customers as easy and carefree as possible. Clicking on an item should give the customer ample information to make the informed decision of whether or not to purchase the item or search for another similar product on the website. B2C E-Business marketing strategies focus on brand preference and loyalty. Brand recognition is the key to the success or failure of a business. "An organizations brand offers image and expectations to business partners, shareholders, communities, prospective employees, and the public at large". (Basu, 2006)
Some marketing strategies employed by B2C companies that focus on getting the customers attention and having them click and save are banner ads and special deals, such as; coupon codes and discounts to save on items.

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