Iddictive: Addicted to Innovative, Interesting and Inspiring Ideas is a daily dose of innovative business ideas to inspire your entrepreneurial juices or soothe your insatiable curiosity. We also create custom content and editorial for client websites and print publications on topics relating to innovation, new business ideas and business trends.

Who Writes It?
Iddictive is edited by me, Mark Nagurski. I also write most of the posts, answer emails, pay the bills and spend a socially and medically unhealthy amount of time looking for cool ideas to feature. An occasional freelance contribution might slip in from time to time as well.

Where Do the Ideas Come From?
The ideas we feature can come from anywhere really. Some we pick up on our travels around the interwebs. Others are sent to us by readers, contacts and even the business owners themselves. Others we just make up.

What Makes it Onto the Site?
There aren’t too many rules, if we think it’s interesting it goes in. Ideas should generally be new or be a distinctive twist on an existing idea. We’re not big fans of get rich quick schemes though.

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