Ignite | Powerful Opportunity
Ignite | Powerful Opportunity

Our Vision
With the advent of energy deregulation, customers now have greater options than ever before when it comes to their energy provider. Now, they have the power to turn on greater savings, better customer service, and the use of renewable energy.

These factors have created very dynamic and exciting circumstances for customers and the entrepreneurs who would compete for their patronage. And to meet the needs of both, a unique and inventive company was founded � Ignite.

Ignite customers are provided electricity and gas by our parent company, Stream Energy, who delivers more than just low rates. Our advantage over other providers is our community of Ignite Independent Associates who serve as personal energy points of contact. When you make the switch to Ignite, your Independent Associate offers you tailored one-to-one customer service you're not likely to find elsewhere.

As an Ignite Independent Associate, you benefit from our easy-to-understand, heavily incented compensation plan. It has several features that make it immediately attractive to both the discerning entrepreneur and the first-time business owner.

As a customer-focused company, Ignite pays you immediate income for helping your customers save money on their energy bills. And our leadership bonuses are based on your efforts at helping other Associates follow your example � namely, assisting their customers by providing lower energy rates.

Our leadership ladder is comprised of just four positions, so that it is even easier to achieve promotions and financial success than with many other compensation plans you may have seen. And we've loaded our residual income payouts with flat commissions that aren't dependent on usage levels, but rather on the number of customers you bring in and help others bring in. Plus, we pay residual income to you on all customers in your leadership organization, to unlimited levels.

With the Ignite Compensation Plan, you don't have to be a professional network marketer to make our opportunity truly work for you.

Whether you are an energy customer looking for better rates and service, or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to create a better way of life, you can depend on Ignite to help you electrify your possibilities.

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