Image Designers College of Cosmetology

Image Designers College of Cosmetology
13838 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97230

Welcome Future Salon & Spa Professional
You are considering entering the most dynamic, innovative, and challenging salon & spa professional college in Oregon and SW Washington. Many years of experience, trial and error, and effort have gone into creating exceptional programs of Barbering, Hair Design, Esthetics, and Nail Technology. The balance of theoretical learning, classroom instruction, specialized training, and hands-on salon & spa experience give you the most knowledgeable start to one of today’s greatest careers.

Theoretical learning in the concepts of cosmetology, anatomy & physiology, and entrepreneurship give you a firm knowledge base. In depth interactive classroom instruction takes your theoretical knowledge and combines it with the practical application of design, shape and form. Go BEYOND THE BASICS with specialized hands-on advanced laboratory training. Apply your knowledge and gain further experience and training only the real world can give in our salon & spa clinic. This is the knowledge required to become a leader in today’s salon & spa profession.

You have chosen a career path that lends you many opportunities and that may lead you in many directions in your lifetime. Flexible scheduling, travel, economic freedom, and professional satisfaction are just some of the benefits a salon & spa career can give you. Salon & Spa Professionals – Hair Designers, Colorists, Barbers, Relaxation and Medical Estheticians (Skincare Specialists), Make~up Artists, Artificial and Natural Nail Care Technicians – are just a few of the many personal appearance career opportunities that are seeing strong and steady growth.1

We offer you the strongest and most comprehensive start to your salon & spa career, it also takes commitment and desire from you to achieve this incredible career. Just as today’s society looks to the experts for guidance and advice in fashion, style, health and wellness, you too should look to the experts in salon & spa training, find the experts at Image Designers, College of Cosmetology.


Bryan Speight
Administrative Director

Alice Speight
School Director

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