In Solution Medical Management Franchise

In Solution Medical Management Franchise

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In Solution Medical Management, Inc. (ISMM) started as Insurance Solutions, a sole-proprietor, one-person home office operation providing medical billing services to a few medical professionals. It has grown into a corporation that includes management staff, business consultants and independent contractors supporting the administrative needs of medical professionals.

First, ISMM brings physicians current with technology standards as resellers and providers of a variety of medical practice management software and electronic services through our Office Management Products Department. We sell medical billing, e-medical records, e-prescribing, electronic claims, scheduling and other software products. We provide installation, training and support services for these products.

Second, ISMM provides Practice Management Support to help improve front office efficiency. We determine the needs of the health care practice and assist them in developing almost all aspects of healthcare administration. We also conduct consultations, seminars and workshops on new products, office management skills and practice management trends.

Third, ISMM has a full-service Medical Billing Department that provides superior customer service and standardized, high-quality, efficient processing at a reasonable cost. Each billing account is assigned to an individual billing specialist. The billing specialist is paid a percentage of the receivables collected. This provides a "sense of ownership/partnership" with the medical practitioner and a vested interest in achieving a high rate of return on the accounts receivables. Whenever possible, we offer our clients real-time access and control over their account through a secure network. This allows for one-on-one attention to each account and each client.

We have expanded our Medical Billing Department through the creation of a franchise system of individually-owned medical billing businesses that mimic the high-quality, reasonably-priced service provided by our in-house medical billing staff.

Networking our infrastructure over the internet is our means of communicating data between the billing specialists and the healthcare providers. It is also the means by which management can monitor the quality, efficiency and accuracy of our work product. Part of our edge is our ability to stay current with all technology advancements and give this benefit to our clients.

In Solution Medical Management, Inc. is the perfect answer to any medical provider's administrative needs. We have the marketing capabilities, training, equipment, resources, cost containment and standardization of a large billing service. Those assets are balanced with the individualized customer care, devotion and flexibility of a small independent service. Additionally, we provide the control and access to data of an in-office billing staff. We motivate our staff through incentive pay which gives them a vested interest in the quality and quantity of their performance and provide the training, continuing education and computer network capabilities that ensure efficient processing of claims.

Very few competitors are providing this level of service and giving data access to the client.

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Turlock, CA 95382-1142
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