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Degree: Associate of Applied Science or Occupational Certificate
Cosmetology is made up of courses in cosmetology, manicuring/nail tech, and instructor training, and is dedicated to providing a solid foundation in the arts and disciplines of these subjects. This department offers students the options of either the ten-month full-time or two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree.
They also offer a part-time two year certificate or AAS Degree. The certificate permits the student to take a state Cosmetology Examination to obtain a license. After the student has completed 360 hours of schooling, appointments with clients may be scheduled to simulate a professional day in the typical salon.

The student interested in this program must meet the requirements of trainees and the minimum hours of various activities as established by the Kansas Board of Cosmetology.

Graduates must pass the state examination before they can be issued a license to practice in the state of Kansas. All students enrolled in the Cosmetology program must meet the ICC admission guidelines.

Purpose of the Program
The Cosmetology program provides training on a vocational level for men and women interested in preparing themselves for employment in the field of Cosmetology.

Length of the Course
The Kansas Board of Cosmetology regulations set the length of the full-time Cosmetology program at not more than 12 months of continuous training with completion of 1500 clock hours of training.

Plan of Study
First Session:
Course Title Clock Hours Credit Hours
Cosmetology I 375 11
Cosmetology II 375 11
Term Total 750 22
Second Session:
Course Title Clock Hours Credit Hours
Cosmetology III 375 11
Cosmetology IV 375 11
Term Total 750 22
TOTAL 1500 44

Fulltime Cosmetology classes start every January &
August and must be completed in 12 months. Attendance
is mandatory.

AAS = Cosmetology hours + 20 additional hours required
of which 15 must be General Education (English Comp I,
Bus. Math, Speech or Interpersonal Communication,
Computer Concepts and 6 additional General Ed. hours.)

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