Independent Homeworkers Alliance (IHA)

Independent Homeworkers Alliance (IHA)

About the IHA
The Independent Homeworkers Alliance (IHA) is a customer-service oriented organization, which caters primarily to those interested in working on contract or freelance, or running businesses out of their homes. The IHA has been serving those who work from home since 1985. We operate the largest jobs database on the Internet geared toward this market. Recently, we began to also include some office and on-site healthcare positions. Visitors can browse the thousands of jobs and login to apply.

The IHA has been offering work-from-home jobs online for almost 10 years and has helped thousands upon thousands of home-based workers become gainfully employed. Together, the IHA team works to ensure the work at home jobs database is equal to any general employment job site, and that services evolve to meet new needs.

Stephen B. St. Louis
Executive Director & CEO
The Independent Homeworkers Alliance
"Helping People Prosper in the Home Workplace"

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Independent Homeworkers Alliance
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