Informa Research Services, Inc.

Informa Research Services, Inc.

Informa Research Services, Inc., is the premier provider of competitive intelligence, market research, and mystery shopping services to the financial industry. We gather accurate and timely competitive product information, branch experience measurements, and consumer opinions. We deliver powerful market information, insightful analysis, and targeted recommendations.
More than just rate data

For more than 25 years, Informa Research Servicesí ability to take our clients beyond simple rate data has made us a valuable asset. Informaís analysts leverage our competitive data and customer experience data to bring our clients a complete 360 degree picture. Our ability to conduct high-level studies and gap analytics puts the power of market intelligence to work for our clients.

Currently, we serve more than 5,000 clients including all of the nationís top 25 banks. Our earned reputation for extreme accuracy and enthusiastic customer service keep our clients renewing our services year after year.

We want to be your one-stop source for competitive intelligence, market research, and mystery shopping services. Whether you need custom designed market research or competitive pricing intelligence, you receive accurate, timely, and thorough solutions, accompanied by personalized service you will applaud.

Our Vision Statement
Service and Accuracy First.
First in Service and Accuracy.

Our Mission Statement
Informa Research Services is the leader in research, analysis, and dissemination of competitive intelligence with the highest standards of excellence. We have a flexible, innovative, and professional staff dedicated to Informa's vision of Service and Accuracy. We listen to our clients' and the industry's changing needs and work together to create solutions enabling them to maximize profits today and tomorrow.

Corporate Profile
Located in Calabasas, California, Informa Research Services, Inc., is a division of the Informa plc.

Informa plc
Informa plc is the leading international provider of specialist information and services for the academic and scientific, professional, and commercial business communities. Informa has over 150 offices in more than 43 countries and employs over 7,500 staff around the world.

Informa is the largest publicly-owned organiser of conferences and courses in the world with an output of over 10,000 events annually. Informa publishes over 2,000 subscription-based information services including academic journals, real-time news and structured databases of commercial intelligence. Informa's book business has more than 40,000 academic and business titles in print.

Informa's products are founded on high value content in a wide variety of subject areas. These range from the arts and humanities through social sciences to physical science and technology; from the professional domains of finance and the law through to commercial fields such as telecommunications, maritime trade, energy, commodities, and agriculture.

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Informa Financial (USA)
Headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, Informa Financial (USA) consists of the Finance and Insurance Division companies of Informa plc that are located in the United States. These companies collect, package, and distribute information and analysis for the finance and insurance industries.

Each of these companies lead their competition in providing this essential, accurate, and timely information. They are the acknowledged masters in the medium of financial and insurance information. Each creates powerful decision-making tools, valued by their individual clients, and revered within their industries.

Informa Research Services' four U.S. sister companies are:
* iMoneyNet, Inc.
* International Insider Publishing Company
* Informa Investment Solutions
* Informa Global Markets

Other Informa Research Services' Sister Companies:
* AchieveGlobal
* Omega Performance
* Communispond
* Huthwaite
* Robbins-Gioia
* ESI International
* The Forum Corporation

General Information
Corporate Office
Informa Research Services, Inc.
26565 Agoura Road, Suite 300
Calabasas, CA 91302-1942

Telephone: 800.848.0218
Fax: 818.880.8448
General Inquiries:
Mystery Shopper Assistance:

Los Angeles Office
26565 Agoura Road, Suite 300
Calabasas, California 91302-1942
800.848.0218 ? Fax: 818.880.8448

Atlanta Office
4080 McGinnis Ferry Road, Suite 1008
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005-1762
678.992.0332 ? Fax: 678.992.0336

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