Initials, Inc. , Become a Creative Partner
Initials, Inc. , Become a Creative Partner

Our Story
What if you had the opportunity to do anything you wanted right from your very own home? What would it be and who would it be for........

These were the very questions that were swirling around in late 2003 when sisters and business partners Ivy Hall and Britney Vickery decided to start a home-based business of their own. Little did they know it would become something so new and so amazing that it was bound to transform the life of every woman involved!

Home with then one-year-old babies, they were focused on growing their families and settling into daily routines that no longer involved sales meetings and business lunches, but rather play groups and naptimes. Being home with their children was such a blessing, but they still longed to somehow contribute to their family's financial needs and have a creative and social outlet for themselves. Through late night emails and naptime phone calls, they decided to create something to fill all of these desires - a personalization business, but one that would become anything but ordinary!

As they hosted Back-To-School Open Houses, Holiday Trunk Shows and Home Parties - they were both consistently asked the same question... "Where can I sign up to sell these products, I love them all!". Hearing this same question repeatedly, they soon realized that their dream of Creativity, Flexibility and Success was the same dream of every women that approached them! From the beginning Ivy and Britney were reminded that this was God's business, not theirs. Why not allow others to be a part of what they were so enjoying, why not make this like no other personalization company?

Launched officially as a party plan company in 2005, Initials, Inc. is now represented by women all over the USA - from coast to coast! It has truly become a life transforming opportunity for each woman that joins. The opportunity to be social and creative, the opportunity to become successful and most importantly, the opportunity to become better than you ever thought possible, all while being rewarded well for your work.

Where women find Creativity, discover Flexibility and are Successful ...Welcome to Initials, Inc.!

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