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While the team at consists of your typical group of programmers, designers, customer service executives and such, we are not your typical tech-geek-turned-entrepreneur. It is the other way round to be exact! Before we even embarked on developing the solution, we were already selling physical goods online, retailing entertainment goods since 1998. Through our own online selling experience, we slowly (but surely) picked up the many tools (read sales boosting tools) required for a successful ecommerce store.

Our original store selling entertainment goods became the dominant website in that niche. Since there were quite a few companies interested in hiring us as developers (although at that time we were simply entrepreneurs), (the company that owns the service) was born. After developing a number of customized ecommerce stores for our clients, we found that many would-be customers who can benefit from a proper ecommerce solution simply could not afford our per-hour consultation fee!

Thus, we came up with the idea for - a do-it-yourself solution built for entrepreneurs (not tech-geeks!). Development of the solution took the entire team literally 12 whole months! All the important tools that we found useful ourselves, as entrepreneurs, was built into InstanteStore.

Now, you can tap into our efforts for a simple low price of just $49.97/month (as compared to our previous one-to-one consulting fees that ranged from $2500 upwards!) Being entrepreneurs, you can bank on us to give you intelligible non-tech explanations whenever you need help.

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Penang, Malaysia.
Telephone: +60(4) 228 0704

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