Can a telemarketing firm thatís expertise is outsourced telemarketing replace your in-house telemarketing department and bring greater efficiencies and results to your company? Intelemark has been doing this for businesses successfully for seven years with its proven formula.

ìA rose is not a roseî when it comes to choosing the right direction for a company whose sales model is dependent on providing high quality leads to their sales staff. Some companies have developed, over a period of time, a well oiled in-house, outbound telemarketing team with an experienced manager and proven employees. However, this is the exception, not the rule.

Most companies struggle to find a competent manager capable of doing the constant recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and motivation required to be successful. That person also must know how to manage numerous and very different campaigns. Often times, this requires the interpretation of large amounts of information to be able to alter course necessary to achieve desired results. This operation comes with a great deal of overhead and fixed costs, such as space, computers, phones, software, utilities, possibly some time commitment from the company IT Director and the marketing/PR machine to continue to drive qualified agents.

If a company has the financial resources to build this type of machine, and there is a need to feed the dozens, if not hundreds of sales executives, the in-house option may make sense. But if a company is trying to generate leads and set appointments for a small sales force, and the company understands the importance of leveraging their sales executivesí time by putting them in front of qualified prospects, partnering with a telemarketing firm is the very best option.

By engaging with a partner like Intelemark, a company puts the mission critical task of lead generation/appointment setting in the hands of professionals whose expertise they can rely upon every day. At Intelemark, we deploy a mature management team with years of industry experience to ensure the success of every program we accept. Our ability to design the right program to meet the unique objectives of our clients, to draw from our extensive staff of highly-competent and diversified agents, and to develop world-class scripting ties everything together ó everything save for one critical component; data and data management.

At Intelemark, we have established relationships with the top database aggregators and list companies in the industry. Many vendors have. However, once secured, the success of any program, given the factors discussed above are in place, is dependent upon how the data (the universe of leads) is managed.

Intelemark has developed a proprietary software system that not only allows the individual agent the ability to manage their own ìbucket of dataî, but allows for complete management oversight, thorough data analysis, and manipulation of the data when necessary to optimize results. The client receives daily visibility on the progress of their campaign, the status of the data, and the productivity generated by those agents working on their behalf. Of course, our Production Managers are in constant touch with the client for information exchange (both ways), confirming efficacy of appointments set, and managing the day-to-day issues that arise ó assuring that Intelemark, your telemarketing firm, succeeds in every aspect Ö.where in-house telemarketing simply can not!

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