Intelliturf Franchise Program
Intelliturf Franchise Program

Company History
We are golfers. IntelliTurf is an organization that is full of people who live and breathe golf. From junior golf programs to professional golf tours, we have competed at every level and know what it takes to improve at this wonderful game. Since 1998 we have been building our reputation as the one company that goes beyond all the hype most of our competitors spew and simply deliver the best synthetic golf surfaces available.

We are builders. IntelliTurf has seen many people attempt to build synthetic golf surfaces. We have been hired to fix many problems others have created. This business takes a special amount of golf knowledge as well as construction knowledge to be successful. Few organizations have all the necessary skills to deliver great installations that play the way golf surfaces should. Others know construction but lack the necessary insights into the game of golf to build greens and shots that play like championship natural grass courses.

Only when golf knowledge, construction knowledge, and years of experience are blended together can a company truly say they build "The Perfect Amenity." That is what you get when you install synthetic golf surfaces from IntelliTurf.

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Initial Investment: $65,000 to $145,000.

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PO Box 8685
Atlanta, GA 31106
404 392 2783

Artificial Turf Information 404 392 2783 | Franchise Inquiries 800 490 2971
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