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International Tutoring Association

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The International Tutoring Association is a place for tutors to develop their professional talents and techniques. Here, tutors can share professional tips, exchange stories, and take advantage of valuable resources.

The International Tutoring Association is also dedicated to providing high quality training and certification to all qualified tutors. Founded on the premise that tutor training should not be limited to universities, ITA opened up the world of tutor training to private tutors, as well as tutors who desire training beyond the university level programs.

ITA was founded by Mark Greenwood, author of the award winning book, Greenwood's Guide for Tutors. Mark boasts over twenty years experience in the field of teaching and tutoring, spanning all the way back to his undergraduate career. Beginning at the age of nineteen, Mark began tutoring his fellow students in the mathematical sciences. In the decades that followed, Mark continued to tutor while also adding the title of homeschooling parent to his list of achievements. By the new millennium, Mark was a tutor trainer and coordinator at California State Polytechnic University, where he developed a certified tutor training program.

It was during this time that Mark observed what worked and what didn't in the world of tutoring. He saw that theory only went so far without some practical knowledge to back it up, and that the most successful tutors were the ones who learned the theoretical along with the practical. That is how Greenwood's Guide for Tutors came about. Mark put together all of his knowledge of tutoring and tutor training, and created a concise book that would train tutors quickly and effectively. The feedback has been great! With over 1000 copies already circulating around campuses and organizations, Greenwood's Guide for Tutors has gained popularity with tutors and tutor trainers alike.

With such a positive response to the book, it seemed only natural to develop a tutor training program that would implement the practical approach of the book. So, Mark pulled together a small team of people, each handling a different aspect of the training program, and Voila ITA was born!

It has been tested among tutors and trainers, and both groups have praised its comprehensive structure, thorough content, and innovative delivery technique. Be the next person to become a tutor trainee and see how far ITA can take you in the world of tutoring!

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