Why Interneka?

No complicated software installation
Interneka Affiliate tracking system is completely hosted on our servers. You don't have to install any software on your server. This saves countless hours of your time and avoids mind-boggling installation issues, like system compatibility, server environment, application variables and so on.

Using Interneka Affiliateís web-based interface, a merchant simply logs in to his admin account to manage his affiliate program. Just Cut a line of HTML code, Paste it on a web page, and your affiliate program is ready.

Fully customizable
Interneka Affiliate supports all type of multiple payment methods. You can choose to pay per click, sale, lead, recurring sales or 2-tier affiliate sign up. You can set your program up as a 1-tier or 2-tier system. That is a whopping eight different affiliate payment methods to choose from! Better still, with Interneka Affiliate, you have the flexibility to switch from one affiliate payment method to another at any time.

Increase link popularity
Make your affiliate program look like a completely in-house solution with the branding power of a Private Linking. Make your affiliate links point to your own domain name instead of pointing to Interneka. With hundreds or even thousands affiliate links pointing to your domain you shouldn't worry about your domain link popularity anymore.

Real time reporting
Interneka Affiliate tracks and presents to the displays the most up to date real time reports on each affiliate's performance, including clicks, sales and leads. There is no delay whatsoever. Hence, you will always get the most accurate picture of your affiliate programís performance. Similarly, an affiliate will also be able to view his sales rate in real time.

You own your affiliates
You and only you have control over your affiliates. When you're in control of your affiliates, you're in control of your profits.

No network commissions
With Interneka Affiliate there is no network commissions or other hidden costs.

Incomparable customer service
You can reach our customer service personnel 24 hours a day. Our friendly staff has all the answers.

No risk! 14 days money back guaranty
You can try Interneka system for 14 days with no risk. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Quality and reliability
We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence and thoroughly test all of our work.

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