Internet Marketing Skills - what is required?

Internet Marketing Skills - what is required?
By Tim Brocklehurst

In most professions, there are a recognised set of skills required if you are to perform the daily tasks proficiently… Internet Marketing is no different.

Or is it?

In fact, Internet Marketing is different. Unlike most professions, Internet Marketing requires input from a complete variety of disciplines and skills, and our performance in the field will be hindered if we don’t either supply it ouselves, or outsource it.

When you try and sell something online, its actually quite similar to selling something offline. You need a shop window, a point of entry, a welcoming face, a shop interior which satisfies curiosity, and all the follow-up service which visitors expect.

This sounds straight forward. Its a process we take for granted every day of our lives when we go shopping in the high street. But to pull it off successfully on the Internet requires a careful application of knowledge and skill. Some can do it well, and get spectacular results very quickly. Others can’t and don’t.

So what is it that some have, and others don’t?

I have been researching this recently to help with my series of Freedom Classes.

In these classes I am teaching people how to market successfully online. I am offloading much of the knowledge I have gathered, about what works and what doesn’t, and - hopefully - inspiring my participants to discover for themselves what the best way is for them.

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