Intrep Sales Partners

Intrep Sales Partners

Meeting the needs of demanding clients
Intrep Sales Partners is a unique company primarily because of its people.

The team of U.S.-based callers assembled by Intrep management is second to none in its depth of sales experience and industry knowledge. Combined with a work ethic that puts client success at the forefront, and works with efficiency and professionalism to meet ñ and exceed ñ client expectations, Intrepís consultants will provide substantial benefit to any sales staff or organization.

Founded in 1999, Intrep is owned and managed by Dan Greenberg and Mark Winwood. These two professionals have a combined 55+ years of experience in sales, marketing and operations management in a variety of business-to-business industries. Their passion and dedication to both their consultants and their clients ensures Intrepís continued growth and sustained energies.

We open the deals; you close them
Intrep is one of the most progressive and technologically advanced sales outsourcing companies in the country. We deliver a complete B2B inside sales program. Our well-seasoned team of professional U.S. home-based sales consultants effectively executes a wide range of critical functions, including:
* appointment setting
* lead generation
* list acquisition
* script development
* administrative support
* database management

We utilize cutting-edge business databases to research and focus your sales campaigns; weíll then make your cold calls, follow-up leads, track results and deliver your next new clients to you.

Our services are remarkably affordable; our virtual business model enables us to pass our reduced operating costs directly to our clients. Simply put, every deal needs to be opened before it can be closed. By enriching your pipeline your bottom line will benefit regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate.

How many more qualified leads can your sales team handle?

Intrep Sales Partners
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