Is Freelance Design and Publishing the Right Career for You?

Is Freelance Design and Publishing the Right Career for You?
By Jacci Howard Bear

Entrepreneurship requires more than design talent
So you think you want to start your own business? Friends tell you that you've got a flair for making good-looking business cards and fliers. You've got an inkjet printer and an old copy of QuarkXPress. You're ready to start getting paid for doing something you enjoy. Wait! First, find out if a freelance business is the right move for you.

Successful freelancing requires more than artistic talent or software proficiency. If a desktop publishing or graphic design business are your goal those are needed skills; but, first determine that you have the personality required to work for yourself.

Do you work well on your own, without direct supervision? Are you willing to get away from the computer and go hustle up clients? Can you sustain the level of productivity necessary to make a living doing what you enjoy (design) while also tackling the jobs you might not enjoy (bookkeeping, sales)?

Working from home is typically how most freelance designers start out. Home businesses require special talents too. Like any freelancer, you must be self-motivated, organized, and able to maintain a professional work environment in your home.

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