JM Ridgway

JM Ridgway

About JM Ridgway
We specialize in the use of Professional Shopping Services to improve the quality and effectiveness of your sales and customer service. Our sales and service programs help you to:
* Gain increased customer loyalty
* Motivate your employees
* Strengthen your competitive positioning

Our consulting services, performance reports and marketing insights are utilized to increase sales and infuse our client's business by:
* Raising performance standards of your sales and service employees
* Evaluating quality of customer service
* Providing direction and guidance to sales and service training
* Reducing employee turnover
* Measuring progress toward predetermined objectives

JM Ridgway is the marketing arm for an acclaimed customer service and leadership consulting firm who enjoys an excellent reputation in our industry.

This firm has developed a revolutionary new concept in modifying behavior and creating motivation for employees to perform their jobs with excellence (and have fun doing it). JM Ridgway has partnered with this firm in order to offer you the following services:
* Customer Service Training
* Sales and Service Training
* Call Center Training
* Stress Reduction Training
* Leadership Training
* Leadership Coaching
* Keynote Speeches
* Consulting (S.W.O.T., Service Standards, Systems, Rewards & Recognition)
* Training Videos, DVDs, CDs and Books
* IVR {Interactive Voice Response} ~ A Direct Customer Response Program

If you would like more information on these revolutionary programs, please contact Frank Kneisley by emailing him or 1-877-562-3890 for more details.

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