Job Scam Examples - Typical Job Scam Examples

Job Scam Examples - Typical Job Scam Examples
By Alison Doyle,

Typical Job Search Scams
In general, if a job says that you can earn a lot of money in a hurry with no experience or skills necessary, the chances are good that it's not going to happen. The same holds true if there are fees for information, kits, or anything else. All of those are warning signs to watch for when job searching.

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Job Scam Examples
U.S. Postal Service Scams
GL Hoffman, Executive Chairman of JobDig notes that, "Some of the worst and most insidious examples are the recruitment ads for open positions in the U.S. Postal Service. These ads run online and in daily and weekly jobs papers every week across the country, and when someone calls the phone number, they are asked to send a fee, usually $24.99, for a test-prep kit or an application that one could obtain for free on a federal government web site but it's sold as essentially a requirement for getting the job or being considered as a candidate."
Scam Details: All the employment information you need to apply for a Postal Service job, including employment information, career opportunities and exam information, is available in the employment section of the USPS web site. Here's more information on USPS jobs and how to apply for a job with the Postal Service.

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