Just Make Money Online

Just Make Money Online
by Shai Coggins

No hard sell. Just practical tips, ideas, inspiration, and other resources to help you to make money online.

Just Make Money Online (JMMO) is a blog by Shai Coggins, with some posts from guest or temporary bloggers. It’s included in the Top 100 Making Money Online Blogs list. It’s also included in various Top 100 blogs list in Australia & the Philippines.

JMMO is a site dedicated to help people from all walks of life to make money online by offering various practical tips, advice, ideas, and resources on the web. The articles here are mostly based on experience and recommendations. It is especially geared towards beginners and newcomers to online businesses. It avoids tech jargon and offers a community feel, to let readers know that they are not on their own in this web journey.
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