The Kona Story
One warm summer evening when Tony Lamb, founder of Kona Ice, followed his precious, young daughter out to the street as she rushed to meet the ice cream truck. The scratchy music grew to a deafening (and annoying) pitch as the truck stopped. Soon a bare-chested driver covered in tattoos and body-piercings appeared at the window to take her order.

The child was frightened and jumped back before saying in a timid voice, "I'll take a...a...a...popsicle!" When Tony saw his trembling daughter place her order despite her fear, he realized just how powerful the draw of the ice cream truck could be. That got him thinking: What if the truck had been clean and welcoming? What if the music had been clear and joyful? What if the treats for sale had been fresh and less expensive? And what if the driver had been clean-cut, uniformed and mannerly? And from that, this was born...

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