Kara Vita - Join Our Team
Kara Vita - Join Our Team

Kara Vita produces the finest anti-aging skincare products available in the United States today. Previously sold only in doctors' offices, our original products were created in 1989 for burn patients. As of 2003, Kara Vita products became available to everyone through Kara Vita Skin Care Consultants.

Our Competitive Edge:
* Purity - Products are made with pharmaceutical grade, bioactive ingredients.
* Penetration - Kara Vita is the only company in the world with a patented time-released Lyphazome Nanotechnology, delivering ingredients into - not just onto the skin.
* Potency - Products have the highest concentration of ingredients that produce guaranteed results in less than two weeks.

Kara Vita has structured their business opportunity to be consistent with the quality of their products. We invite you to become both our customer and our consultant, and experience the difference that Kara Vita can make in your life and the lives of your family.

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Kara Vita, Inc
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St. Petersburg, Florida 33713
Ph: 727-456-7560

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