Kidz On The Go Franchise Opportunities

Kidz On The Go Franchise Opportunities

About Us
At Kidz On The Go, “Fun-Filled-Fitness” is a lot more than a phrase. It’s a way of life. And for all the children who will participate in our program, it means an experience they’ll never forget. Each child takes away memories of an interactive fun-filled-fitness adventure shared by all their friends and class mates.

Company Background
Kidz On The Go LLC was established 15 years ago in response to the growing popularity in indoor fun & fitness soft-play centers for children. Kidz On The Go perceived the need for these soft-play centers to be mobile and easily transportable to your camp, day care, pre-school or special event. Kidz On The Go is a custom designed mobile soft-play unit with dimensions of 30 feet by 8 feet. Children are naturally active and we have created a large scale environment in which they can truly enjoy fitness in an interactive, fun, safe and entertaining way.

What We Are
Kidz On The Go is designed to teach children how to make fitness fun! Our soft-play program is engaging and exciting for young children. Children explore their way through a series of interactive soft-play components, ie. Ball Pools, Rock Climbing, Foam Forests, Cargo Climbs, Mini-bouncers, Web Crawls and 10’ Curved Slides.

While the children play and explore, they are also participating in a wide range of healthy, interactive movement activities that enable each child to develop body awareness, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility all in a fun, safe, self-contained play center.

Kidz On The Go provides a healthy non-competitive activity. Each child develops a sense of confidence through our uniquely designed interactive soft-play system. Our program offers play-based activities to foster social, emotional, cognitive and physical development for young children. We are the Fun-Filled-Fitness adventure that comes to you! so each child may develop appropriate physical activity habits at a young age.

Our soft-play centers are designed to accommodate all physical stages, abilities and ages at the same time. It is designed to encourage all skill and coordination levels so that your child will always be successful and also challenged in a safe padded, play environment.

Mission Statement (Fun-Filled-Fitness On Wheels)
Provide interactive soft-play service to improve the fitness of young children. Our goal is to equate fitness with fun. Your child learns fundamental movement skills to maximize his/her physical growth, while having fun!

Build your child’s confidence and self-esteem through a fitness geared program. Each child experiences successful interactive participation.

Making movement and play an integral part of a young child’s learning process.

Kidz On The Go LLC
P.O. Box 383
Sherman, CT 06784

Phone 860-355-9334
Fax 860-799-0437

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