KidzArt Franchise Opportunity

KidzArt Franchise Opportunity

About Us
In the early 1990s, longtime friends, Shell Herman and Chris Cruikshank shared a common vision: to build a successful business enterprise that would lift the spirit, enliven the soul, and reward the participants and the communities where they lived.

They understood the growing demand for guidance in creative thinking and problem-solving. They believed in the value of a livelihood that satisfies the need for meaningful service.

The result: KidzArt.

If You Can Dream, You Can Draw.

From the Picassos-in-training to those who think they‘ll never get it, art becomes approachable and much more fun than ever imagined with KidzArt:
* a nurturing, non competitive environment
* easy-to-learn drawing techniques that bring ideas to life
* introduction to contemporary and visual art that sets the stage for a lifelong appreciation of the visual art
* age appropriate, safe, professional-level art supplies that easily adapt to tools of self- expression
* creative activities that promote problem solving
* focusing exercises that enhance learning
* a recognition of individual style that is welcomed and celebrated

After participating in KidzArt, confidence grows and skills develop that carry over into other areas of study. Soon students find themselves trying things they never would have attempted before.

KidzArt has programs that correspond to all life stages:

Where Creativity Takes Flight and Opportunity Soars.

KidzArt is a business that offers an opportunity to be successful and creative while doing what you love for a living. In July 2002, KidzArt realized a major benchmark, becoming fully franchised. In 2004, we were named one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 500 Franchises. Today KidzArt is ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as the Number One Art franchise in the country.

KidzArt® Corporate Office
1902 E. Common Street, Suite 400
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: 800-379-8302
Email: info@kidz

For International Inquiries,
Phone: 514-509-1315
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