Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise
Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise

The downturn in the new home market hasn't hurt the "mini-remodeling" industry. That's where Kitchen Tune-Up owners make their bread and butter. People are staying put and because of that, especially want to be able to enjoy their homes, especially the kitchen and baths. This means a growing market for upgrades and updates that don't involve major remodeling and enormous budgets.

Kitchen Tune-Up is in the business of simplifying and improving our customers' homes. We do it through a network of dedicated, success oriented Franchisees. We think investigating and buying a franchise should be the same. Our tagline says "Remodeling Your Expectations" and our system lives it!

The kitchen is where families cook and eat. It's where we meet and make decisions. Home life revolves around the kitchen. Kitchens can get pretty well beaten up and worn down with all the traffic and use. And a kitchen that doesn't look up to date or doesn't offer the latest design features makes life less fun for the family and drives down the value of the property.

Kitchen Tune-Up is the solution. Kitchen Tune-Up was started in 1975 and has been franchising since 1988 and has earned Entrepreneur Magazine's #1 spot for home improvement franchises nineteen years! It provides a cost-effective way to renew surfaces, add features, improve layout and just generally put some real "wow" value back into kitchens and baths. Kitchen Tune-Up customers do not have to live through disruptive tear downs and construction disaster scenes.

Craig Green
Director of Franchise Development
Kitchen Tune-Up
813 Circle Drive
Aberdeen, SD 57401

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