Languagecourse.Net Affiliate program

Languagecourse.Net Affiliate program

Frustrated with the time-consuming process of comparing intransparent offers and prices from agency and language school print brochures for Spanish courses in Barcelona, LanguageCourse.Net founder Daniel Spohn was reflecting on more efficient ways to find the best language course. He was convinced that everybody would save a lot of time and be able to make a much better informed decision if there was one independent website.
• selecting the most recognised, accredited language schools in each city worldwide
• providing all relevant course information, complete and detailed, in one compact area
• providing a forum of uncensored hands-on experience reports from a large number of ONLY former course participants of the schools
• identifying the schools which fulfil particular personal requirements, and offer a complete, transparent price and quality comparison of those schools within a few seconds and with only three mouse-clicks.

Today LanguageCourse.Net has become probably the most visited independent website on language courses, and one of the leading language course agencies in the world. Apart from providing a transparent comparison of more than 1600 language courses in 31 countries, LanguageCourse.Net offers a 100% FREE enrollment service which guarantees that clients pay the lowest prices and receive a discount on their course fees if they enroll online through the website of LanguageCourse.Net.

LanguageCourse.Net has received various awards and much positive feedback from the press.

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