Life Force International Opportunity
Life Force International Opportunity

Our Story
Our founding philosophy underwriting our corporate vision is both grand and simple: Make the World a Better Place. Our contribution to this cause evolved naturally out of the development of an extraordinary nutritional supplement, Body Balance, created by Life Force International founders Wayne and Gerri Hillman.

It all began over twenty years ago, when Gerri began to suffer from a mysterious ailment leaving her feeling exhausted, with frequent headaches and unable to take care of her young family. When conventional medicine failed to offer her relief, Wayne went searching for new remedies. He was particularly interested in the benefits of trace minerals so abundant in sea vegetables. Wayne experimented with different combinations of ingredients until finally he hit on a winning formula combining nine varieties of sea vegetables and Aloe Vera. Shortly upon drinking this, Gerri said that she felt life coming back into her body, and Body Balance was born.

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United States Office
12460 Kirkham Court
Poway, CA 92064-6819
Toll Free Orders & Registration
Phone: 800.531.4877
Fax: 800.809.8208
Hours of Operation Monday�Friday 7:00 am � 5:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

General Information & Inquires
Phone: 1.858.218.3200
Canada Office
106-2293 Leckie Road
Kelowna, BC V1X 6Y5

Toll Free Orders & Registration
Phone: 800.860.0288
Fax: 800.760.5433
Hours of Operation Monday�Friday 9:00 am � 5:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)
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