Lil' Angels Photography

Lil' Angels Photography

Lil' Angels Photography is an innovative concept in quality children's portraiture that's receiving recognition by internationally known publications like Woman's World and Entrepreneur magazines. Formed in 1996, Lil' Angels, LLC takes portraits of more than 350,000 children from infants through school age each year. The Company has about 100 franchise owners that work closely with one of the best professional photography labs in the country.

Parents and Child Care Centers know Lil' Angels Photography is different in many ways. Above all, our quality stands far about the rest!

With some franchise businesses, new owners are surprised to discover that even after paying the initial "franchise fee", associated costs crop up. They may receive a bill for training, equipment, and territory, and they may be hit with expenses for a building renovation, signage, and occupancy costs. To avoid ending up like this, you have to find out what is the bottom line. Lil' Angels wants you to make an informed decision.

With this franchise, your investment of $12,000 for equipment and $27,000 for franchise fees includes all this:

1. Equipment necessary for on-site photography of both the "Fashion for Kids" and "School Days" programs.
2. Six-day training session, including:
* Books and samples necessary to get started
* Hotel (room only) and lunches
* Two days of follow-up training in the field
3. A protected territory
4. A proven formula of business
5. Eligibility for proprietor-based commissions
6. Ongoing advice and support from those who have been there before you

Contact us:
Michael R. Sondag
Director of Franchises
4041 Hatcher Circle
Memphis, TN. 38118

Toll Free: 1-800-358-9101, ext. 212
Phone: (901) 682-9566
Fax: (901) 682-2018
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