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Lite Commerce

Ecommerce software & online store builder - LiteCommerce
LiteCommerce is a lightweight high-tech ecommerce solution devoted to make an internet store launching process as easy as surfing the Web. LiteCommerce is more than just a shopping cart. It is a multipurpose ecommerce store platform. Numerous built-in features will make your online store and your business successful: inventory management, credit card processing, SEO tools, special offers, discount coupons and others.

FLEXIBLE: Powerful template system will make a process of building a unique design really easy and will help to fulfil any creative ideas and requirements. Open source part of PHP code allows to modify every aspect of the system to meet your business specificity. We also offer low-cost custom development and web design services to provide our clients with a high-quality custom ecommerce solution.

SCALABLE: Extension add-ons are available to extend the store basic functionality right away or later. Add-on development API is open, so any additional modules can be designed freely.

EASY-TO-USE: After installing LiteCommerce you immediately get a running storefront with sample products. Manage your web store simply using a web browser, change the storefront look easily by modifying LiteCommerce templates with your favorite WYSIWYG editor. Our solution saves time & money. You can focus on sales instead of wasting efforts trying to make free e-commerce software launch.

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