Livinity, Inc. Opportunity
Livinity, Inc. Opportunity

Welcome to Livinity. If you’ve come this far, you’ve been invited to one of the most exciting business opportunities in direct sales. The founders of Livinity have been distributors and understand the hopes and dreams of people wanting to build a home-based business. Livinity takes those hopes and dreams very seriously and works each day to provide a simple, solid and professional network marketing opportunity. Long-term relationships and long-term income are the key goals of distributors. Livinity has translated those goals into one of the most achievable and lucrative compensation plans on the market. The plans and products together with the motivational materials are the springboard for taking your lifestyle to the next level – physically, financially and emotionally.

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Livinity, Inc
Livinity Support Team
125 E. 7th Street
Russell, Kansas 67665

Telephone: 1-785-483-5483 (LIVE)
Fax: 1-913-273-0799

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