Make Money With Articles - 5 Easy Tips to Creating Attention-Grabbing Articles

Make Money With Articles - 5 Easy Tips to Creating Attention-Grabbing Articles
By Arlene Markette

If you want to make money with articles, you must become effective at writing articles. Article marketing is just one, but probably the most important component of an online marketing campaign.

Writing copy for the internet is completely different than writing for print or radio or other forms of media. You are faced with writing for an audience who is pressed for time and who has no desire to wade through a 500 plus word article that is difficult to comprehend and is formated with long, drawn out sentences and paragraphs.

Your job must be to capture their attention immediately, get them hooked and somehow make them want to continue reading your article.

Keep in mind that when it comes to writing online articles, you aren't writing a term paper for school. The information that you present to your audience should not be academic in nature.

Your goal is to focus on a particular need or problem that your target audience has and solve it in a creative and concise manner.

With that said, here are 5 tips to creating attention-grabbing articles:

1. Get Your Readers Excited

Your goal here is not to win a writing contest. You are not writing to win awards so avoid the ho-hum pragmatic style. Write in a conversational tone that is effervescent and easy to understand. Utilize bold headlines and use attention-getting punch lines so that your audience remains interested and keeps reading!

2. Establish A Connection

You must make a connection with your reader. Talk to them through your article as if you are their friend. You must instill a sense of trust in your target audience. You have to make them feel as if you can relate to their problems, in whatever area you are writing about.

3. Good Content Is Key

You don't want to write an article so technical that the reader has to pause and look up each work in a dictionary. You want your article to be easy to comprehend and easy to relate to. Remember - most people read at a six grade level. You must adapt your writing to that level of difficulty.

4. Avoid Long Paragraphs

Your article should consist of short paragraphs, containing two or three sentences only. Not only are short paragraphs easy to read but will tend to capture the attention of the reader who is time constrained and is just skimming for interesting facts.

5. It's Not About You

The best way to establish a connection with your audience is to frequently use the word YOU through out your article. The reader will feel as if he or she is important - as if you were speaking directly to him. You will be able to effectively capture their attention by writing in this manner.

So, there you have the five basic article writing tips. It is crucial that you learn how to effectively write articles before you start mass submitting to article directories.

Always keep in mind the reason you are engaging in article marketing. You want to get targeted traffic to your website so that you can make as many people as possible aware of your services and products.

If you want to make money with articles, you need to create well-written, attention-grabbing content that will help you achieve your goal.

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