Mannatech: Discover Your Opportunity
Mannatech: Discover Your Opportunity

The Gift of Wellness and Opportunity
Since Mannatech's establishment in 1994, the company has led where others have only followed. Mannatech champions revolutionary discoveries designed to help boost your body's ability to stay healthy. Inspired by cutting-edge aloe vera saccharide research and the emerging field of biologically active polysaccharides, Mannatech developed the world's first glyconutritional dietary supplement based on plant polysaccharides, Ambrotose complex, in 1996.

Networking Distribution
Mannatech is proud to be a networking company. You won't find our products in supermarkets or on drugstore shelves. Mannatech products are only available directly from authorized Mannatech distributors' part of our worldwide team of independent Associates. Because the concept of Ambrotose technology is very new to most people, the Mannatech story is best shared through building relationships, with ample opportunities for questions. More than a million people have ordered Mannatech products, whom most of initially became interested after talking with our product users.

Networking builds this kind of person-to-person trust, confidence and follow-up. This direct contact creates positive end-to-end experiences for our Associates allowing them to share a tremendous benefit with every person they connect with.

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