Max International Opportunity
Max International Opportunity

Max International was founded by dedicated and successful entrepreneurs and executives who had a vision. After meeting with Dr. Keller and learning about MaxGXL they knew this was a product that everyone needs.

They also know the best way to help people get the benefits of MaxGXL is through Network Marketing. When you have a life changing product you want to get the word out and get it out fast. They knew this product didn't belong on a shelf in a pharmacy. They also recognized Network Marketing allows individuals to change their lives financially.

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Corporate Location:
6965 S Union Park Center
Suite 100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84047

Client Services/Customer Care
Phone: 801-316-6380
Fax: 801-727-2575

Corporate Officers
Phone: 801-562-8440
Fax: 801-255-5238

Phone: 801-562-8440
Fax: 801-255-5238

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