McGruff Safe Kids Franchise
McGruff Safe Kids Franchise

Child Being Fingerprinted at McGruff Event
The McGruff Safe Kids Total Identification System program is designed for preschool through 6th grade children.

Franchisees schedule events at schools, day cares, summer camps or special events and digitally fingerprint and photograph the children who's parent(s) wish them to participate in this national child safety/education program.

Franchisees provide the parent(s) with a letter explaining the program, what they will receive, and obtain written permission to process the child.

No child will be fingerprinted or photographed without parental consent.

Franchisees provide the teachers with McGruff the Crime Dog and other educational videos to play while we process the participating children.

The tapes are for all of the children to watch so all the children will benefit. These tapes include:

McGruff� on Stranger Danger
McGruff� on Personal Property
McGruff's Bully Alert
McGruff� on Pedestrian and Bicycle Laws
Staying Away from Strangers
Faux Paw the Techno Cat in Adventures in the Internet

Kids Watching McGruff Educational Videos
Franchisees also provide the teachers with an educational lesson plan for a question and answer session after the viewing of the educational tapes.

Because our system is computerized, there is no messy ink to clean up. Franchisees bring everything they need with them, all that is required is one electrical socket to plug in the equipment. The process is instant, so in most instances, the McGruff� Safe Kids Total Identification System package is ready before the franchisee leaves.

The franchisees charge a small fee for this service. There is no minimum amount of children needed for franchisees to hold an school event. If only one parent wants to participate in this program, it is important enough for franchisees to set up and process that child.

ONLY $30,000.00. The estimated initial investment required for a McGruff Safe Kids total Identification System business ranges from $33,300 to $38,500 for new franchisees.

The McGruff Safe Kids Total Identification System
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