MedOffice Inc. Franchise

MedOffice Inc. Franchise


Owning your own business is the American Dream - and it's the only way to enjoy true financial security.

With basic financial security comes personal freedom and independence!
* When you own a MedOffice™ Systems franchise, you make all of the decisions.
* You schedule your daily activities and your vacations.
* You control the paychecks.
* You are the boss!

The MedOffice™ system offers you more complete control of your life.

By owning a MedOffice™ franchise, you will be in business for yourself . . . and you will enjoy the benefits of unlimited personal independence, freedom and security!

The MedOffice™ franchise system allows you to offer a variety of medical billing services and advanced software products to health care providers.

It includes a complete claims processing service and computerized office data software (the MedOffice™ software ) that can help streamline the operation of any medical practice.

The MedOffice™ software offers medical offices an array of important options for daily use ... features that reduce the office paper trail and the filing and retrieving labor costs, as well as increasing accuracy in patient reports, files and claims.

The number one benefit of the MedOffice™ system to medical practitioners is that it immediately improves cash flow to the doctor - payments are received by the doctor quickly via the timely and accurate MedOffice™ electronic claims filing process.

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The franchise fee is $9,900. All initial computer software, personal training, and marketing materials are included in your basic fee.

7676 Hazard Center Drive, Fifth Floor
San Diego, California 92108
Ph.: (800) 400-9558
Fax: (800) 503-9461

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