Medical Billing Course, Training, Certification, Home Study

Medical Billing Course, Training, Certification, Home Study

Our Advantage
Our course was developed by Medical Billing Business Professionals. We know what you need to know to operate your Medical Billing Center Business or to gain employment within a physician's office.

We Only Offer A Medical Billing Course
What does this mean to you? It means that you are taking a course from a company who specializes in medical billing, thus providing you with the focus you need to begin your Medical Billing Home Business or to receive your Medical Billing Certificate for employment purposes. Unlike other courses who can also certify you in real-estate, black jack, plumbing, bartending, etc., who use third parties to write their programs, we write our own.

Study At Home - At Your Own Pace
Many people looking to enter into this field already have full schedules to juggle! Many of our students are mothers with small children at home wishing to begin their own businesses in order to "be there" for their children. Our course allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home and study at your own pace. No need to fight traffic or hire a baby-sitter to get your education.

Comprehensive Yet Affordable
We offer several packages to choose from depending upon your needs. We rely on internet advertising and word-of-mouth-referral which allows us to keep the cost of our course as affordable as possible.

Software Included at No Additional Charge
We will have you actually performing the day-to-day operations of a medical biller using your DAQbillingâ„¢ Medical Billing Center Training Software. This is an invaluable portion of your training which allows the student to take what they have learned and apply it in a "real-life" scenario using live medical billing software.

Top-Notch Student Support
You are completely supported through-out the course! We offer 3 types of extensive support at no additional charge (24 Online Student Support Forum, Telephone Support, Email Support).

Package Savings (No Cost Registration)
Medical Billing will waive your registration fee when you purchase any of the package programs (Deluxe, Complete, Certificate). Our package programs are pre-bundled and discounted. Each program is designed to meet your particular needs.

Our students love our course and we are confident that you will too.

Medical Billing Course
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