MerchandiZer - Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software & E-Commerce Hosting Company
MerchandiZer - Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software & E-Commerce Hosting Company

Profile of an award winning ecommerce company
MerchandiZer Software is a leader in ECommerce with its top rated online shopping cart software, MerchandiZerT. The flagship product caters to small to medium businesses looking to sell online. MerchandiZer provides everything a merchant or web developer needs to build and maintain a professional storefront, monitor traffic, create & manage a web site, get complete sales & marketing reports, track shipments, and perform promotional activity.

MerchandiZer's Ecommerce History
MerchandiZer Software was founded in 1998 to recognize the needs of those who wanted to go beyond cookie cutter ECommerce and have unique, well-designed storefronts while not needing to learn HTML. Company founders Melanie Shannon and Victor Lyons found that no software of the time could provide everything an entrepreneur needed in a single package to build an online store. Realizing this, they created and launched the original shopping cart product, MerchandiZerô.

MerchandiZer Software created MerchandiZer as a robust online tool with a wealth of features not available in other ECommerce products in this price range and more than most in higher ranges. MerchandiZer is web-based software that allows the quick and easy creation of an online catalog and storefront. From the very beginning, the company has operated by a process of listening to merchants' needs in the evolution of MerchandiZer. By continually enhancing the product based on client's requests, it has matured in a way that makes it adaptable to a wide variety of different businesses.

Within three months of it's initial launch, MerchandiZer won PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award for best ECommerce software package. Ernst & Young and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranked MerchandiZer Software as one of the top 500 Internet companies. MerchandiZer's MerchandiZer software has been highly praised in over 100 articles from leading publications such as, PC Magazine, Wired Magazine, Interactive Week and PC World just to name a few.

In May of 2002, Seamless Technology, Inc. acquired the assets of this leading ECommerce provider including their customers base, a leading development and technical support team, and all rights to the MerchandiZer e-Commerce shopping cart software program. Since the acquisition, Seamless Technology has continued the MerchandiZer Software process of listening to merchants ideas and responding with new ECommerce innovations. In this spirit, we have released the latest version of our award winning ECommerce platform: MerchandiZer 5.0.

MerchandiZer Software continues to grow with a proven track record of success in developing ECommerce solutions that work for today's companies. MerchandiZer has driven the success for thousands of MerchandiZer clients supporting a cumulative total of many millions of catalog items put online. Whether you are beginning an entrepreneurial endeavor or seeking to leverage the power of the Internet to bring new customers and sales to your existing business, MerchandiZer Software's MerchandiZer can help you along that way. Our merchants process millions in transactions every month and, quicker than you might think, you can as well.

Product Overview of MerchandiZerô
MerchandiZerô is a merchant cataloging software, used for building and maintaining an online/virtual store. MerchandiZerô additionally includes tools for catalog building, accounting, promotions, sales and marketing reports, and online transactions. MerchandiZerô gives has the tools to put a company's entire catalog on the web, quickly and easily, without expensive programmers and consultants.

MerchandiZerô is easily customizable and has advanced translation documents to easily be translated into any language. MerchandiZerô also helps business owners to register on the top search engines and later analyze the results. Merchants have access to more than 40 design templates, and 40 product layout templates offering a multitude of options to enhance the look and feel of a site, as well as the most flexible options for the custom design of their site. Secure credit card and check processing are basic to the program. Extensive reporting, and design tools allow you to use your creativity to the fullest. The best part is there is no need to know anything about computer code or programming. If you can fill out a form, you can use MerchandiZer to set up a store.
Industry Awards

MerchandiZer Software has earned the following honors:
* - 5 Star rating "Merchandizer is one of the top choices for creating small to medium size hosted storefronts on the web." (March 2000)
* PC Magazine - PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award for best ECommerce product. (November 1998)
* Interactive Week - Ranked in the top 500 Internet companies by Interactive Week and according to research conducted by Ernst and Young and MIT (November 1999)
* Cahners In-stat - Ranked as a leading E-Business Service Provider (eBSPs) (March 2000)
* - recognized for superior product and customer support. (May 1999)
* ClickZNetwork - Four Stars "If your in the market for a web commerce package, MerchandiZer is a first-rate product worthy of inclusion on any short list"
* Merchandizer has also been featured in articles by WIRED Magazine, InfoWorld,, Channel Web, HGTV and ZDNet, among others.

Ecommerce Clients
Clients choose MerchandiZer products because they seek easy-to-use, proven e-commerce software that successfully combines powerful front-end and back-end e-commerce functionality required by operating companies at a fraction of the cost of high-end enterprise software. While the Company's products are scaleable to e-businesses of any size and has been used by customers such as Dole-Plantation, Hyatt Hotels, Crystal Cruise Lines, Yomega, New Balance Vancouver, COM2001, Xerox Engineering Systems among many other companies. Most of its present customers are start-ups and emerging companies that operate within the estimated 11.8 million Office/Home Office ("SOHO") marketplace.

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